The journey of Yemeni coffee

From the terrace farms of Yemen
to your coffee cup

The origins of coffee has been debated for years, with some tracing it back to Ethiopia and others to Yemen. But what is certain, is that the trade of coffee stemmed from the Mocha port of Yemen.

Over time, the narcotic plant khat overtook the agricultural landscape of Yemen and local farmers prioritised its growth leaving little water resources for other crops including coffee.

The consumption of khat has had devastating effects on local Yemenis, hindering their social and economic progress, along with ongoing civil war.

From khat to coffee

In recent years there has been a strong campaign to replace khat plants with coffee trees to stop the cycle of khat abuse.  This social initiative refocuses local energy and resources towards the coffee farming synonymous to Yemen.

Uprooting and eliminating khat plants has allowed Yemenis to realise the benefits of returning to their agricultural roots and providing a brighter future for generations to come.

Economic upliftment

We are committed to supporting local farmers by purchasing the finest Yemeni coffee at a fair value price. This means coffee cherries are bought directly from the farmers at above market price and ensures our coffee is fully traceable back to the farm where it was harvested.

This ethical buying practice ultimately secures the long-term sustainability of the farm and provides economic upliftment to the local the communities in the region.

Our hope is for Yemen’s coffee industry to restore to its former glory as the epicentre of international coffee exporting.